Photogrammetry for Filmmakers, Animators and Game Developers

Learn the fundamentals of the photogrammetry process in the creation of 3D models for Film, VR, Animation and Games at Galway Film Centre

This workshop is aimed at filmmakers, animators, modellers and game developers who want to understand how photogrammetry can add to their 3D asset creation pipeline and to develop their skill set so that they can include real world objects as high fidelity 3D models in their projects through the use of the photogrammetry process. This skill set is particularly relevant to anyone in VR, Virtual Production, VFX, Animation, and Games. This workshop will take place on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of February.

Knowledge of and experience with a 3D application (3DS Max preferably) and Photoshop is recommended.

This two day workshop will cost €75 and will be facilitated by Mr. Pete McNally, one of Ireland’s leading proponents of the Photogrammetry process.

To apply to take part in this workshop please send a full CV and Cover Letter to by February 3rd.

Presented in partnership with Galway 2020 and GMIT.

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