IFB Short Film Schemes Application System

The full application guidelines and online application system is now open for the recently announced new Irish Film Board short film schemes FOCUS SHORTS, REAL STORIES and SHORT STORIES.

FOCUS SHORTS is a new scheme for the making of live-action fiction films that act as a proving-ground for Irish creative talents aspiring to write, direct and produce films for the cinema. This scheme will aim to encourage strong, original storytelling, visual flair, and production values appropriate to the big screen. The scheme also offers an opportunity for producers, directors and writers to work in a professional environment that will bring their experience up to a higher level. FOCUS SHORTS can be up to 10 minutes in length and have a budget of up to €50,000.

REAL SHORTS is a new short documentary film scheme which will enable creative documentaries with high cinematic production values capable of reaching an international audience through theatrical and festival exposure. The filmmakers are encouraged to produce work with strong personal voices, presenting material which utilises the emotional and aesthetic technique of cinema. REAL SHORTS can be up to 10 minutes in length and have a budget of up to €20,000.

SHORT STORIES is the final new scheme announced today which invites application across live action and animation projects. Filmmakers are encouraged to use their imagination and deliver succinct, creative and entertaining films. For the first of this series, applicants are invited to present projects on the theme of TRIBES. The brief is wide and all encompassing; from ethnic groups to football fans, families to political parties, enthusiasts to pessimists; we'll leave you to decide which type of tribe fascinates you the most. SHORT STORIES can be from 3 to 5 minutes in length and have a budget of €15,000.

Irish language applications will be welcomed across the schemes. The IFB will back the promotion of the short films produced under these schemes across international festivals and beyond.

SHORT STORIES Applications Deadline: July 15th 2016

FOCUS SHORTS & REAL SHORTS Applications Deadline: August 5th 2016



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