Documentary Sumud:Everyday Resistance co-produced by Mayo's Bryan Gerard Duffy

Mayo based visual artist and filmmaker Bryan Gerard Duffy has recently co-produced, with filmmaker Emmet Sheerin, their new documentary "Sumud: Everyday Resistance", which is to be on the film festival circuit this summer.  The documentary reveals the circumstances of two women who challenge the Israel Army polices employed to displace the Palestinian communities in the West Bank through house demolitions.  This inspiring documentary discloses the use of community art projects as one of their tools to resist oppression and homelessness.  

Thus far, the documentary has been shown in film festivals throughout Europe and will first hit the Irish screens on Wednesday 26th May in the Fastnet Film Festival in Cork, with other festivals and dates to follow.  Credits to Niall Sheerin (Editor), Badil (Palestinian NGO) and the communities involved.

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