Moore Hall

Coordinates: 53.7098 -9.2281

Moore Hall is situated on the shores of Lough Carra. The lake has a very distinctive green colour which is attributed to its marl bottom that reflects in the sunshine. The lakeshore is rich in native flora and wildlife. Many species of wild duck are present, as well as swans and coots. Lough Carra, one of the three great lakes in the west of Ireland, is drained into nearby Lough Mask by means of a small river, known as the Keel river. The network of forest roads provides a very pleasant walk (Moore Hall Walk), the focal point of which is the ruins of Moore Hall House.

The property has a car park, trails, roads, lake shore, broadleaf and conifer trees, old building, heritage features, a viewing point and a picnic spot.

Re permission to shoot in Coillte Forests - Coillte Head office – + 353 (0) 1 2011111 – ask for the Forest Manager in relation to the wood you are interested in shooting in – Coillte would look for a  licence – for your companies public liability insurance and a letter of indemnity to Coillte from your insurers.  Allow at least a four day turn around.

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Moore Hall
Lough Carra


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